" When She Plunged Into The Valley Of Monstery "

Hola friends and foes! it's been awhile since my last post about my bands...like i said before, i'm pretty busy doing so much stuff but guess what, i'm fully loaded with new drawings and i hope you're gonna like it, dude!

Have you watched Cloudy Meatballs? i fell in love with the film!! you MUST watch it for yourself if you don't believe me.The plot, the character they've built, and the rendering..aaaargghhh it was pretty rad!!
if you guys ask me what's the point that i liked the most in film, i would say, the colors.
They could make the movie doesn't have a cliche ending, and it makes me more loves the film, if i have a lot of money i would buy the original DVD, because it's an epic for me, after there's so many 3D movies lately, but this is the best for me as far as i'm concerned.
Yeah they've made a wonderful color combination in the whole movie, the foods the city, everything, it just so fresh and makes you dreaming about having a town like that, bay area, Tuna foods, nice & warm people, oh and the story i guess, i'm pretty sure when we were young we used to dream about big foods coming out from the sky, ice cream, hotdogs, mashed potatoes, and fell under our house lol

three days ago i was pimping my newest band myspace's, Vendetta. It was really fun doing all those codes and the background image, since Vendetta is very correlated with magenta and broken white colors, i picked only those two instead any colors available, but as you guys know i'm NOT a myspace editor, i just write down some code i needed on Google then i copy them, there's so many web like Pimp-My-Profile, Acelayout, Mygen.uk and many.

Later, i found some strange shit when i was putting the code for my background image, it still left some black space on the right side of the screen and it's so daaamn confusing at that time, since i don't know how to edit the HTML/CSS, i kept searching on the internet for the solution, and then somehow finally i figure it out lol
I think this page is my greatest myspace pimping so far ( even it's doesn't have a flash thing and stuff ), when i surf the web and search for bands with superior myspace page, it really makes my fuckin head swelling and confuse, because they can make it too damn good with precision and steadiness, maybe someday i could make as better as them lol

For the background, i drew a zombie with monstery worms all over her, and i did a digital coloring for more vibrant feel of the artwork, since i did some fucked up mistake because i draw vertically on an A3 paper, Sasa told me it's not long enough if i draw vertical to make a full image on myspace background.
So she came up with an idea to draw on the other paper and assembly one to another to make the actual size drawing, if you don't get it what i'm talking about, check the images below.


i'm going to show you guys, how i colorize step by step the image from zero to final image, enjoy!


at this point, i'm still doing manual process, sketching, inking, scanning to my laptop, 40% done..


now, the raw material has been scanned to be colorized in photoshop, i DON'T use wacom, i just scribbling with my trackpad ( couldn't afford intuos..sigh*.. ), but that's fine, i still could do some good coloring, 50% done..

ink & digital coloring 2009

i added some raining effect using some mixed up adjustments, for more detailed work, you could check out Vendetta myspace HERE!!

When She Plunged Into The Valley Of Monstery 2009

"I'll swallow your soul, I'll swallow your soul, I'll.."
- Evil Dead


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