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Hola, mates! it's been awhile i haven't post something since Lebaran, did you guys noticed something were a bit different?
it seemed to me the holy atmosphere were less "celebrated" than last year, people didn't celebrated that much and aren't loud as they used to be, was it just because i never went out of house and just sleep over and over or something was wrong? my big and frightening opinion is, i think people started to getting used to it, nothing special, just fasting, then forgiving each others, than went to our related, than go back home, than sleep, than in the next morning we'll wake up and the story will be the same as before we entered the fasting month...it just, feels ain't right.

pen, gouache & watercolor 2009

Look, i know it sounds crazy and nonsense, but we're losing our sacred and religious vibes! we didn't realized that, because we're almost there, at the top of world, with gadget and stuff.
People said " today, humankind are at the edge of the world ", i think it's a crap!! the fact is, people are starting to live more Godlike, with cloning, weapon, and other stuff that we thought we human will never reached that level, but here we are, we're standing with our leading science and destructive power that soon will take over the world.
We people forgot the link, link to the creator of all, the true path, the true path with God...

Sure it'll fit to a movie introduction starring Klatu Reeves and some wicked low budget alien, i'll just cut the hell out of it, haha maybe i am watching too much movies sigh*...
man, Facebook is really pissing me off! there are too many goddamn people in there! i could say, the number of my unknown friends are far more larger than i knew, i could get about eighty notifications about stuff that i don't really give a damn and the worse is, THE TAGGED PHOTOS!
Yeah, it's really bugging me off, sometimes some dude tagged a bracelet advertise, a chick bags, necklaces or even a wrong photos!!


This piece i dedicate it to all of people who have a big mouth, bad attitude, some sneaking mutt guys, and morons who like to envy, envy and envy...they lives among us, anywhere.


gogoporen said...

manstaps.. hehehe bikin yg gedeee biar bisa di taro di tembok huehea

Soren MN said...

I was just bored hanging out at the cyber cafe where I'm working at and magically stumbled upon your blog. Interesting artworks, I must say, and yeah, I agree with you that humans are getting more and more superior with what they have today. I keep reading and seeing and listening about all this shit about defending their religions, but they're the one who are disobeying what their religions tell them to.

What's happening actually with our world today?

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