" Lonesome Undead " on Suave magazine!

Graaaah!! Recently Suave magazine asked me and Sasa to put some artworks on their latest issue, Suave is a freemags with bunch of cool local culture news and local clothing catalogue, you can grab them freely at Aksara, Bloop Endorse, Nineonine House, etc.


As for the artwork, i gave them the Lonesome Dead piece made in A5 sketch paper done with ink and pen.


If you guys have read the magz, there's a bit mistake on the article, the description of my drawing is wrong!it's supposed to be the Wanderers description.

pen, ink & digital 2010


When i sent the file, i gave them 2 different files, one is the Wanderers ( whice i will post it later ) and the other one is the Lonesome Dead piece, naaaah fuck it! it's becoming more complex man! LOL

Well, here' the real description :

" Somewhere in a distance, near the gate between Hell and Earth,there was a old town when humans are always beaten up by a vicious thug, murdered and kidnapped, it's like a cowboy century when bad people are everywhere and dwell in every corner of the street.
Among those bastards, there is one name that feared by all those who lives in town, they called him.." Grue, the Lonesome Undead ".
He is the oldest thug, never beaten up by anyone in that town, all villains bow to him, but he never had any friends, and he never smiled.
Some says, he once a very powerful labourer that worked near the bay area on the town, had a pretty wife and lucky life, his strength is like Hercules mixed with Achilles.He also always fight for justice.

One night, when the town is sleeping, Grue sense something odd, something fearful, when he walked outside the house to check around, a bunch of gang with their grin smiles set fires on his house, burned down until there's nothing left, no more sweetheart, no more smiles, Hell shimmers upon Grue's head, his heart blackened, and then, he got berserk.
Blood splatters and stained the moon, bones scattered around, Lucifer were so happy watching those deadly opera from his throne...

No one knows why the gang burned down Grue's house, after that tragedy, the town were engulfed by a sudden fog, a cold fog, comes from nowhere, some people said it's Grue's hatred aura.

Grue watch the town from the roof, hiding in the dark, counting days, waiting to die, to meet his beloved wife again.

So, for those folks out there reading Suave April issue, don't missed the showcase article of me and my girlfriend, and don't forget to check her blog HERE!

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