" The Faithful Warden Of Zebubian Mountain "

The greatest fear for all those who lives in Hell is to be abandoned to the highest mountain of Zebubia, where the legendary Beelzebub lives within his thousand years of agony.They who disobey The Light Bearer shall be punished and thrown away from the kingdom of abyss.Cerberus guides the fallen people a long way to Zebubia mountain.
The mountain is guarded by a very powerful and maleficent warden, called Sammael.
He's been in hell for a very long time, accompanying Lucifer gathered the Army Of Abyss, army with infinite power and evil thoughts created only to destroy Heaven someday.Sammael is like a elder wizard, he often uses his magical beast that has been patched to his lower body to bring down the enemies when Lucifer is having a war with the Abyss colony.The eyes on his horns are a prove that he has killed many of demigod lived in Earth.

mixed media 2010

If you ask me why there must be a warden, it is because, the Zebubia filled with thousand of Beelzebub eggs, which will incubate anytime and they usually directly hunts everything around them.The reason why the rebellious people sent into such filthy and wicked place, Beelzebub juveniles appetite for food is beyond our human mind, and when they tear your rotten flesh away and suck out your blood without mercy, there's no choice but to beg The Light Bearer forgiveness!

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