" The Pervert Wise Man "

Yesterday i just watched Supersize Me on Youtube, and it really freaks the hell out of me, Morgan has made me realize how dangerous those mcstuff could be.

Back in 2007, i ate them almost everyday, and i can't live without McChicken 2 combo, large french fries, and a coke, and all of my friends were telling me to stop or i could get sick, which i didn't believe it at all.
But every time i ate them, actually i feel kinda weird, i think it has some sort of addiction stuff or something, just like Morgan did on the movie, the taste aren't that good actually, but it keeps wandering in my head saying " C'mon! eat me more, you can't just stop??we're too good to be wasted! "

Pretty creepy huh?
But thanks to Morgan and Sasa ( who actually told me about the movie), now i'm going to stop eating those junk food and start eating healthy choice!yeah i know i'm kinda late, but at least finally now i'm not stuck forever with those hellish food!
Anyway, do remember the movie " IT " by Stephen King?remember the clown?i think Ronald Mcdonald could be more creepier than the " IT " clown, i mean, he's weirder and has a retarded red hairstyle and he always smile to the kids and doesn't look like to kill or frightening kids, can you imagine
what if after he performed at Mcdonald birthday party, he mutilates people at the kitchen for his own pleasure, sicko!

Anyway, that's not what i'm trying to say on this post....
few months ago, i was drawing a lot of animals combined with humans, and i usually makes contemporary characters, like vulture mixed with a man with a Buddhism pose, bird wearing a blouse, etc.
The idea of combining them is to represent what i call " Philosopical Quotes Within The Raw & Wise", sometimes animal could tell a story what a man couldn't, and vice versa, so the best way to create a visual quote is to mix them both.

Ink and digital 2009

This one tells about an old man who always tries to secretly jerking off while watching pretty lads pissing at the bathroom,
which is a very very pervert act of a man at his age, and later it become corrupted, he doesn't realize the cause, he turns out ugly, start growing hair, a filthy hair, and those signs are the concrete sample of bad attitude he does.
So for those fat, bald douchebags out there, you all might be happy watching those lads pissing, but don't forget the saliva of devil is dripping on you slowly...


“nut, perverted, lunatic, stalker and so forth.”
Keith Butler

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