" The Newborn "

When i was a kid, my parent introduced me to one of the best villain i've ever seen, Mr.Hannibal Lecter.
He shouted " Clariceeee...! ", that's when the first time i was saying to myself " from now, i rather like a villain than a hero!! ", Skeletor, Freddy Krueger, Jason Vorhees, Lord Zedd(duh!), and many more.
I think villains are way more cooler than the good guys, they look more detailed in uniforms/shapes, and they're usually had a vicious temper which makes them look more devilish, oh yeah! did you guys watched G.I Joe recently? when the doctor said " FROM NOW ON...CALL ME...THE COMMANDERRRR... ", shit!! that was really super awesome part of the movie, a bit cheesy but who cares?
So when im sure about " villainarewaytougherthanthehero " stuff, i started to draw bad character like monsters, bad guys, mobs, and mummy, and many more, and the more deeper i draw them, the more deeper they've taken me into the realm of devilish stuff which leads me into one name, the source of everything, yes...LUCIFER.

ink & watercolor 2009

Some said he has so many names, Beelzebub, Bael, Belial, The Fallen, Morning Star, but people recognized him as Lucifer(from Latin).He was an angel that disobey the God, so he was abandoned and sealed by God from the mightiest place in the universe, his heart are full of hatred and diabolical strategy, he cant do nothing but spreads what we called in our modern days, Sins.
He promised to himself that someday he will risen up again at the judgement day, and he will tear apart all of human being and the kingdom of heaven with his thousand demon marching behind of him..until then, he's now sleeping in the belly of the earth, the core of universe, waiting to be reborn..


" In the secret of my knowledge there is no God but me. "
Anton Szandor LaVey, The Satanic Rituals (Avon Books, 1972)


Canting said...

your drawing(s) kick *ss ;)

your blog's new reader

Toro Elmar said...

gile bener bin, dari licek uda disuruh ntn silence of the lambs. hahaha..mantaaap!

Bima Aria Shiddiq said...

yang ini keren abiz!

Anonymous said...

well executed bin, but to be honest i dont like the tooth. its just too overwhelm and the tooth on below maybe it should be facing up not down.

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