" Abinara X Astronautboys "

heyya creatures! it's been a long time isn't it? got a lot of stuff coming up in my clothing DREAMBIRDS ARTWEAR, and please please please come to my first ever exhibition on Bendungan Hilir, Jakarta called " THE LAZY DOG JUMPS OVER THE QUICK BROWN FOX " typhograph artshow, Sept 18th!

There will be many artworks from super cool artists such as Stereoflow, Astronautboys, Sheterror, Pinkgirlgowild, and many more, i got the letter " Q " and i represent it with the usual stuff, monster, canines, etc.

My buddy from Bandung, Astronautboys had a visit to our lovely town yesterday, and stayed at Skareone's crib along with my best buddy, Max! while he's staying, we draw on some A3 paper with pen and some sharpies, here's the artworks, hope you all dig it!




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